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Current Projects

Current Examples of Activities of WETECH Institute

Project co-ordination / Project steering

In 2000-2008 WETECH Institute co-ordinated in the field of water technology on behalf of German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) the multifaceted co-operation with the Iranian Ministry of Energy. Within the framework of this co-operation WETECH accomplishes activities such as:
Acquisition and steering of different bilateral R&D projects

Organisation and support of water technology specialised delegations

Advancement of know-how and technology transfer

Information of German water industry about relevant events and fairs in the field of water technology
Expansion of the co-operation to further ministries

The WETECH Institute also supported the membership of BMBF in the Governing Board of the “Regional Centre on Urban Water Management” (RCUWM), which is under the auspices of UNESCO and based in Tehran, Iran.

WETECH Institute supported and accompanied following German-Iranian R&D projects:

Demonstration of different in Germany developed high performance processes for elimination of nitrate from drinking water and their adaption for treatment of high with nitrate and other salts contaminated groundwaters in arid and semiarid countries as Iran
Scientific testing and adaption of methods to minimize water losses to the specific conditions in Iranian cities - as example: Isfahan
Development of a water management strategy for arid and semiarid regions - example: Tehran, Iran - by using of know-how and technology transfer from Germany
Construction of sewerages and waste water treatment plants in districts of Tehran: Feasibility study and detailed planning

Since 2005 WETECH Institute extended its co-ordination activities in the field of water technology to further countries in the arid and semiarid region of the Middle East.

Research and Development (R&D)

Jiangsu, China: Textile waste water

The WETECH Institute developed a treatment technology for cleaning of waste water of dyeing factories in China, which are high contaminated with specific colouring agents. A combined process of physicochemical treatment as well as oxidation technique with supplementary biological steps was realised. Additionally water consumption was reduced bywater refeed in the production process. This treatment process makes a contribution to sustainable reduction of drinking water hazards and damage of the aquatic environment of China.

Expertises and Studies

Feasibility study about a sustainable and ecological concept for water supply and waste water reuse in a new built holiday complex at a coral island.

Expertises of projects

Invited from German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the chairman of WETECH, Dr. Dehnad, acts for technical testing and estimation of R&D projects within German and International committees.

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