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Projects and Reference

Projects und Reference

Inland projects

Since 1988 in order of private and public institutions WETECH Institute conducts laboratory investigations (samples of sediment, soil, water, wastewater, air, and waste), expertise, studies, R&D projects, exploration of contaminated sites etc. in field of environmental protection technology, for example.

· Extensive investigation of sludge, soil and water samples from Antarctic (Alfred-Wegener-Institute)

· Characterisation of suspended particles in water of river Rhine and their mass transfer with liquid phase (Nuclear Research Center Karlsruhe (FZK))

· Extensive investigation about remobilization of heavy metals from solids of surface waters using nitrilotriacetic acid (for NTA (azotic-organic complexing agents) working group by order of the BMFT (German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology) and BMI (German Federal Ministry of the Interior)

· Determination of the influence of organic ingredients on sorption and mobilization of heavy metals in river sediments (BMFT)

· Research about sorption and desorption mechanisms of heavy metals in river sediments in presence of organic solvents (in co-operation with Prof. J. Leckie from Institute of Civil Engineering, Stanford University, California/USA)

· Investigation of sludges from plant construction undustry and conceptual design of plant for decontamination of abrasive slurries (Koerber AG)

· Development of non-polluting technique for decontamination of mud of river Elbe in the harbour of Hamburg (BMFT)

· Investigations of sludges and filter residuum from food industry (Company Beck)

· Laboratory-technical investigation and development of technique for treatment of waste from mining (Engineering Company Kluge, 1991)

· Development of technique for treatment of dredged sludged contaminated with organic materials and heavy metals (Ministry of Environment Schleswig Holstein/DBU)

· Numerous expertise and studies about river sediments in Germany and other countries

· Investigation of soil, water and air including field laboratory and site supervision for reconstruction of tunnel Alsterkrugchaussee, ring road Fuhlsbuettel, construction phase 1-3 (City Building Authority Hamburg)

· Drafting of an expert´s report on blackening phenomena (foging)

· Expertise for investigation and evaluation of lead concentration in drinking water of domestic installation

Foreign projects

· Development and optimization of combined process for treatment and reuse of chemical-industrial wastewater in China (Beijing Eastern Chemical Works (BEC))

· Study for application of oxidation process for treatment of industrial wastewater (University of Innsbruck, Austria)

· Conceptual design of solid waste collection and recycling of city Konja, Turkey

· Coordination of research and development projects in Iran:

· Nitrate removal from groundwater, Mashhad
· Exploration and remediation of water losses in drinking water supply systems and its maintenance, Isfahan
· Water management and reduction of water consumption, Tehran
· Feasibility study and detailed planning od sewerage network and sewage treatment plants Tehran North and Northwest, Tehran

· Feasibility study about a sustainable and ecological concept for water supply and wastewater reuse for a new built holiday complex at a coral island

· Coordination of cooperation of BMBF with countries in arid and semiarid regions of the Middle East in the field of water research and technology


· BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

· Ministry of Environment, Federal State Schleswig Holstein

· PTKA-WTE (Project Agency Karlsruhe, Water Technology)

· DBU (German Federal Donation Environment)

· AVG (Waste Processing Company ltd.)

· Daimler Chrysler Aerospace Airbus GmbH

· Chamber of Commerce and District Court, Hamburg

· City Building Authority, Senate of Hamburg

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